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You’ve given it all.
Find the courage from within,
But let the tears fall.
Now your new life can begin.

There’s nothing more that can be done,
He left you long ago.
You may not have the strength to run,
But the time has come to go,

So walk away, walk away.
Close your mind to the words he’ll say.
Give it time, it will be okay,
Walk away. Walk away.

Just swallow your pride.
There is nothing to regret,
And nothing to hide,
Just the longing to forget.

You’ll need some time to grieve alone,
But still you’ll make it through.
And though your future is unknown,
The path is up to you.

So walk away, walk away.
Look ahead to a brand new day.
Take the leap, it will be okay,
Walk away. Walk away.

Don’t you cry. 
You will overcome.
Just say goodbye,
And turn and step towards the sun.

Walk away, walk away.
Turn your heart to a brand new day.
In the end, it will be okay,
Walk away. Just walk away.

Walk away. Walk away.

All music and lyrics written by Cathy Ford.
Copyright © 2023 Cathy Ford Music. All Rights Reserved.

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