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Cathy Ford and CathyFordMusic.com care about your privacy. This privacy policy describes what we collect in cathyfordmusic.org and how we use it. Your visit to our site is subject to the following privacy policy and by visiting you consent to these terms.

Our site contains many opportunities for you to share your personal information with us.

Registration on CathyFordMusic.com requires entry of certain contact information (e.g. name, e-mail address, mailing address, etc.), your demographics (e.g. city of residence, country, age, gender, etc.), and other profile data (e.g. music and song preferences).

During registration you may assign yourself a username and/or password. For our purposes, we will use this data to communicate and provide any services you have requested and to provide a personal experience. Your login may allow you to use interactive features on the site like message boards and a site profile.

We use this demographic data for research to improve our services and for marketing purposes among others. By visiting CathyFordMusic.com, you have affirmatively consented to our collection and use of this data.

Your registration entitles you to receive of newsletters and announcements for promotion and marketing of new products and/or services offered by CathyFordMusic.com and our business associates and we will offer you the opportunity to elect receipt of these communications.

Some sign-ups require additional contact information than is already collected in your profile.

By visiting CathyFordMusic.com, you have affirmatively consented to our collection and use of this data.

We would love to hear from you and have provided a contact form and various social media platforms on which you can communicate with us. In using these tools, you understand that we retain email addresses and other submitted information for internal purposes, to aid in our service to you and to improve our ability to communicate with you.

Our site may offer features allowing you to communicate with others including e-cards or social sharing features and we use the information collected when you use these features to perform the requested service.

This site may offer interactive community functionality like chat, messaging, and other tools. All that you post or send through this functionality is publicly available and you should be aware that you are voluntarily disclosing personal information through their use. Others can collect publicly posted information and you may receive unsolicited emails as a result. Your use of this functionality, including the disclosure of this personal data, you consent to distribution of personal data as described. You understand that you alone are solely responsible for the content of anything you post or send to others.

Our site automatically collects data from visitors to aid us in applying an improved web experience based on your preferences and to service you in your best interest. Data Collection is performed using "cookies"; small files that contain your information that are stored on your computer. Some examples of the use of cookies to aid your experience are: login enhancement, site personalization, site greeting and site preferences. Cookies allow us to trace your movement through the site, personalizing your experience along the way. Your information, stored in this technology, can be used by our site to enhance your experience and allow us to more effectively market and advertise to you.

The ability for our site to use this data is controlled through settings on your website browser and you can arrange your settings to block and/or delete cookies or to alert you to their use.

Our site also captures demographic information including the date and time of your visit, length of your stay, the technology you use to access the site, your IP address and how you navigate through the pages.

Such information is used to enhance your security, record visitor trends and aid us in administering the site based on mass demographics and analysis. By visiting CathyFordMusic.com you consent affirmatively to this use of your data.

Any data collected as described above and through any means associated with this site are used by CathyFordMusic.com, Cathy Ford and BrightBulbSolutions.com (the website management company). We do not sell your data to third parties, however, we reserve the right to share with you the benefits of any relationships we establish to better serve you. And by visiting the site you consent affirmatively to the collection and use of your data as well as its distribution.

We do not share personal identifiable data with anyone else except as described. Our business partnerships that require our redistribution of your data agree to strict security measures and to use it only for the intended purpose.

Additionally, we may be forced to disclose personal information by law and will only do so when it is absolutely necessary as in response to a subpoena or court-order or when it is necessary to do so to aid in the apprehension of those injuring others or causing damage to rights or another's property.

Your visit to our site constitutes your consent to this privacy policy and you hereby have elected expressly to receive communications from us and or our business associates. You understand that you are able to change your preferences at any time by informing us through means provided within any communications and by following instructions.

If your personal data changes (like when you move), we ask that you contact us to update it so that we may continue to serve you best. Please contact us if you have question or would like to update anything within your account.

We diligently work to be compliant with the Children's Only Privacy Protection Act (COPPA). Therefore, we do not engage knowingly in the collection of personal information from United States Citizens who are under age 13 without the appropriate parent's consent.

NOTICE: For more information on protecting children's online privacy: Visit www.ftc.gov/kidzprivacy.

Your personal information is extremely important to us. We store all data collected securely and use state-of-the-art procedures to protected it from loss, misuse or any unauthorized access, alteration, destruction or disclosure.

Personal data collected through interaction with our store is not shared without your consent.

At any time, you may be provided links to non CathyFordMusic.com sites for news, ticketing and other related services; this Privacy Policy does not protect you from services they render and you should review each websites' privacy policy when visiting for their practices. We are not liable for their protection of your privacy when you use their services.

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